Patman Rising

With apologies to Ed and Glenn for shamelessly borrowing their idea to blog, I have decided to periodically write about things that are on my mind in a more organized fashion than a normal Facebook post.

I figured why not start at the inspiration for my blog title, and talk about the recovery for my latest surgery. On December 4, I had a partial medial meniscectomy. In layman’s terms I had the torn part of my medial meniscus removed. In addition, Dr. Axe (great name for an orthopedist) cleaned up a lot of leftover scar tissue and debris from my ACL replacement 15 years ago. This should prevent me from dealing with popping and clicking in the knee. Physical therapy began on 12/11, and I am determined to attack it with as much as ferocity as I can.

As many know, I completed my first triathlon in October. I fell in love with the training in addition to the event. So much so that I have planned to compete in 4 triathlons in 2013. I also intended to complete the Marine Corp 17k in March, to claim a spot in the October Marine Corp Marathon. After dealing with the knee surgery, you might think the plan has changed……. It hasn’t.

I’ve been knocked down by this injury, but like the title says, I will rise to compete again…. And very soon.


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